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01 Jan

Useful information for your trip to Lima

Take into account the following information for your trip to Lima:

  • Our official currency is the Sol (S/). However, the malls, hotels and some restaurants are accepted payments in U.S. dollars.
  • The following cards are accepted in practically all the establishments: Visa, masted card, AMEX and Diner.
  • How is the weather in Lima?
    Between the months of May and October the climate is humid with an average temperature of 17 °c or 64 °f
    Between November and April the climate is warm, with an average temperature of 24 °c or 75 °f
  • Public transport in Lima
    Peruvian taxis are not used taximeter, so it is important to agree on the price before starting the tour.
    The Metropolitan Bus is a very fast transport that takes you to the historic center. The card to travel in it is acquired at the stations. The closest station (Benavides) is 4 blocks from the hotel.
  • The current we use in Peru is 220 volts and 60 amps.For any information about your trip to Lima contact us at

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25 Jun


Lima has become a cosmopolitan and modern city. It possesses though a rich history and important artistic and archaeological monuments.

Owner of Pre-Inca, Inca and Spanish heritage, it has plenty and interesting sites to visit.

Historical Centre of Lima:  UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our Plaza Mayor shows splendid buildings like the Government Palace, the Cathedral and Lima’s City Hall, priceless historical monuments. As you take a walk, you will find colonial and republican mansions and beautiful churches, like San Francisco and San Pedro. Don’t miss visiting “The Magic Water Cicuit” during a night visit.

Lima Museums: We recommend a visit to the modern Museo Larco, where you can come closer to millennial Peruvian culture, and admire one of the richest and selected collection of our archaeological past. The Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI), recently remodeled, is also highly recommended.

Archaeological Places in Lima: The whole area of Lima was once a place of development of various cultures, until they were dominated by the Incas. Within a short distance from Lima, you will find the Temple of Pachacamac, important cult site of earlier cultures to the Inca. Interesting also is the Huaca Pucllana in Miraflores district. It is also highly recommended the Citadel of Caral, located at the north of Lima, considered the oldest city in America (3,000 BC).

Lima Entertainment: The offer is great, as any modern city, you’ll find theaters, cinemas, art galleries, casinos, shows, concerts and discos. Called the Gastronomic Capital of America, Lima owns the most outstanding restaurants. Our dining options cover traditional cuisine of the various regions of our country, as well as contemporary Peruvian Cuisine, a combination of local flavors with Italian, Chinese, Japanese influences, among others.

Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro. Miraflores and San Isidro  districts are characterized by their modernity and  the main hotels in the city are located there. Barranco, on the other hand, is a bohemian district with an exciting mix of entertainment venues. Larcomar, in Miraflores, is a modern beautiful shopping mall and it is a must for all visitors, it is located on the cliffs of the coast of Miraflores and has excellent restaurants and upscale shopping.

Por: girasoles | Guide

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