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02 Jan

Are you thinking of traveling to Peru?

Tour of the Lima Center

On your way through our capital, one of the places you must write down on your list is the Lima Center.

In the Center of Lima you will find a beautiful set of “squares”, churches and buildings of the colonial and republican eras.

The city was founded in 1535, a large part of its buildings date from the first half of the last century. You will see the traditional Lima balconies, typical of their mansions, when crossing their streets or shreds.

A nice walking tour could start at the Plaza Mayor, where you will see the Government Palace, the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace and the Municipality.

It is a beautiful square that follows the colonial tradition, surrounded by a very well preserved set of buildings that you can visit.

A few blocks away, and passing through streets of characteristic architecture, you will find the Church and Convent of San Francisco. It is Baroque Limeño style and dates from 1730. It is highly recommended to visit the church and especially the convent, where you can appreciate its patios, rooms and catacombs, really beautiful and very interesting.

Continue your walk along the Jirón Carabaya that passes in front of the Cathedral, until you reach the Jirón Ucayali, where you can see the Torre Tagle Palace. This is an excellent example of our architecture baroque Lima, dating from the colonial era.

A little further on is the church of San Pedro, an important neoclassical religious center built in the sixteenth century, where you should not miss its courtyards with arcades of the cloisters of the convent.

Other points of interest that you can get to know are the Plaza San Martín, with its imposing classical buildings and the Museum of Art of Lima, recently remodeled and containing an important collection of pre-Hispanic ceramics, colonial furniture and Peruvian painting from the last century to the present.

Finally, another recommended place to visit preferably at night is the Magical Water Circuit, a park with a beautiful series of pools with water games. Only 15 minutes from Miraflores.

Por: Rodrigo Florez | Guide

01 Jan

Useful information for your trip to Lima

Take into account the following information for your trip to Lima:

  • Our official currency is the Sol (S/). However, the malls, hotels and some restaurants are accepted payments in U.S. dollars.
  • The following cards are accepted in practically all the establishments: Visa, masted card, AMEX and Diner.
  • How is the weather in Lima?
    Between the months of May and October the climate is humid with an average temperature of 17 °c or 64 °f
    Between November and April the climate is warm, with an average temperature of 24 °c or 75 °f
  • Public transport in Lima
    Peruvian taxis are not used taximeter, so it is important to agree on the price before starting the tour.
    The Metropolitan Bus is a very fast transport that takes you to the historic center. The card to travel in it is acquired at the stations. The closest station (Benavides) is 4 blocks from the hotel.
  • The current we use in Peru is 220 volts and 60 amps.For any information about your trip to Lima contact us at

Por: Rodrigo Florez | Guide

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